PETER HITCHENS: You can't prosecute Nigella – cocaine's been legalised

PETER HITCHENS: You can’t prosecute Nigella – cocaine’s been legalised By Published: 00:05 GMT, 29 December 2013 | Updated: 00:15 GMT, 29 December 2013 <li data-anchor="tl" data-twitter-status=" website via @MailOnline" data-formatted-headline="PETER HITCHENS: You can\'t prosecute Nigella – cocaine\'s been legalised" data-hide-email="true" data-article-id="2530555" data-article-channel-follow-button="MailOnline" data-is-channel="false" id="shareLinkTop" class="share-icons" data-placement="top" website The police should leave Nigella Lawson alone.It […]

Richard Kay says Diana would have been trilled for Harry and Meghan

Sitting on the pink striped sofa in her drawing room at Kensington Palace, was playing one of her favourite parlour games: who might marry? The question, loaded with intrigue, was asked with deliberate mischief and to Diana held endless possibilities. She knew, she told me, that ‘s future would take care of itself.As heir in […]