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Amazing Any Data Recovery Crack + Download [2022-Latest]

“Amazing Any Data Recovery 2022 Crack” is a useful tool to recover deleted or formatted files.
When you lose your valuable files due to any reason, it becomes a challenging task to retrieve or retrieve them. Amazing Any Data Recovery Product Key is an efficient tool that recovers your previously deleted or lost files on your computer and mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Samsung, Mac, and many more. Amazing Any Data Recovery is the safest software to recover all deleted files such as address book, photos, email, My documents, music, videos, and much more. “Amazing Any Data Recovery” also restores formatted partitions and deleted files. Its scan is 100% accurate and undetectable that you can recover deleted files, formatted partitions, and all the types of files easily.

1) Run Amazing Any Data Recovery and click on “Scan”
2) After scanning, all recovered files will be listed on the main interface of “Amazing Any Data Recovery”
3) You can preview the files by double-clicking on the file name
4) Click on “Recover Now” to save recovered files on your computer
5) After data recovery, you can download all recovered files by clicking on “Recover Now” link

Amazing Any Data Recovery is very easy to use and free to download. No registration is required.


Re: “Can I install it on my PC, iPhone, Android. And I can recover my files from PC to iPhone?”

“Recover My Files From Any Device is a file recovery software for windows. Recover My Files From Any Device” is a high quality, high speed, fully featured, easy to use tool capable of safely and completely recovering any files deleted or lost from a computer, external hard drive, USB flash memory, digital camera, memory card or almost any device.


1. Run the program; select the drive to scan, and click Scan button;

2. “Recover My Files From Any Device” will scan the drive automatically;

3. Preview the recovered files on the interface, or preview the media content;

4. Various ways to recover deleted files, including selective file recovery;

5. Recover Photo, Video, Audio, Image, Documents, and etc.;

6. Save recovered files to a specified folder;

7. Support batch processing;

8. Optionally to scan portable storage devices (USB flash, SD memory, etc.), cloud storage service, tablet PC

Amazing Any Data Recovery Crack

Able to create a full system image backup so you can get your system back quickly and easily after it is damaged and unable to be opened.

Provides the ability to recover and recover lost files that your system does not recognize as a bootable CD or DVD.

Able to scan the floppy drives at your system for any existing damaged or corrupt floppy disks, and recover any files lost from floppy disks you wish to bring back.

Able to recover and restore files from external hard drives, USB drives, external burner, iPods, and other removable media, such as SD Cards and digital cameras.

Able to recover deleted files that are not completely erased from your hard drive or external storage media.

Download full version Amazing Any Data Recovery from the link below

Size: 8.18 MB

: If you want to recover deleted files, you want to recover lost data, you have lost data that is not easy to retrieve, or you have accidentally deleted your important documents, data recovery expert software is the best option for you.

Recovers files from NAS devices (Drives, Tapes, and other removable media)

Recovers deleted files from your internal hard drive (Hard drives or Optical discs)

With the help of this best software, you can recover the lost or deleted files from various media devices. The software is used to recover data that is lost because of any problems from your HDD, such as: floppy disk, hard disk, server, flash memory card, CD-ROM, among other data retention storage.

Easy to use and easy to get it

with amazing software, it’s no wonder it was named the best data recovery software, especially with the fact that this software is listed for free. This best data recovery software has an easy to use interface and this is for sure as the reason why it’s ranked as the best and one of the best in this category.

Conclusionecovery Lite User Guide:


Foot-Machine is a comprehensive data recovery program that has been designed to repair FAT and NTFS volumes that have been lost or damaged due to internal problems or external hard drive failures. This software supports virtually all file systems to recover files that have been deleted from the volumes. It also supports the recovery of deleted, formatted or damaged partitions. Free, ad-supported version available.


Recovery-of-Lost-Files for NTFS

Amazing Any Data Recovery Free X64

No other data recovery or undelete software can compete with the technologies. After the efforts, you need to re-sync your Android phone or tablet. You can also re-sync your Windows Phone, iPhone and other devices easily via Wondershare Phone Transfer. Now you can re-sync your phone with MTP transfer format. Wondowshare Phone Transfer is the most powerful data recovery software and transfer tool for you. It can perform all recovery tasks, such as data recovery, reverse data exchange, data backup, file undelete and file recovery. It can transfer any file to another Android phone and PCs.

How to recover data from formatted SD card?
You can format SD card to create an empty but inaccessible directory; no data and directory will be lost.Formatting an SD card is one of the most common and common practices for better usage of SD cards. Here we are going to discuss the steps to recover data from SD card.
Note: Before proceeding to the recovery process you need to make sure that the SD card is not damaged or broken.
Step 1: Download Wondershare Data Recovery
Step 2: Scan SD Card
After the download and installation of Wondershare Data Recovery on your computer, click Start Scan button to scan the SD card.

Step 3: Choose the needed data and format SD card.
After the scanning is finished you will get the results in the form of a.txt file and.xml file.
Next, go to the.txt file and add the needed data on the category according to your needs. Then click Scan to Recover button. After scanning is completed, you will get a new window with all.txt and.xml files.

Step 4: Click Recover button and recover your data.
Finally, click the Recover button to recover your data.
Note: If you need more help, you can contact our support.Main navigation

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What’s New in the Amazing Any Data Recovery?

With Amazing Any Data Recovery you can easily retrieve deleted, lost, or formatted files. Our advanced technology and intuitive interface allow you to recover almost everything from a PC, USB Key, or SD card with just one click.

This software is for FAT32, NTFS or exFAT formatted drives. It can also recover deleted files from FTP servers,
CDROMs, PDAs, Zip drives, mobile devices, and network shares.Q:

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System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
CPU: i3 2.6GHz / i5 3.1GHz / i7 3.5GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 / AMD HD 7850
Additional Notes:
The screenshots for our character creation tool will be sent to the chosen address via in-game mail when the creation tool is active.

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