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October 24, 2016

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Experimental Conclusions

This work gives an experimental access to the dynamics of subwavelength dielectric excitations in disordered media. We have analyzed both the spatial and temporal dynamics of ultra-short optical pulses in spatially correlated disordered media. The key result is that the speckle correlations introduce a correlation between the mode components, which leads to a reduction in the spectral broadening of ultra-short pulses. The correlation between the mode components is due to the interference of the wavefronts associated with the various spatial modes. For long pulses, the broadening is given by the largest (or the shortest) wavelength mode: the slowest excitation mode with the largest wavelength. The temporal broadening $\Delta t$ is inversely proportional to the spatial correlation length $L_c$. In the opposite limiting situation, i.e. $\tau \gg \Delta t$, we recover the behavior found in the long pulse limit for a single-mode approximation. The correlation between the mode components also controls the properties of the nonlinear susceptibility. For slowly varying pulses, i.e. $\Delta t \lesssim L_c/c_s$, we find a remarkable linear relation between $\chi^{(2)}_{\text{eff}}$ and $\beta$. The underlying mechanism is the fact that the only correlation that is important is the correlation between the mode components. As the pulse duration becomes of the order of the inverse correlation length $L_c$, the behavior of the susceptibility is given by the linear part of the theoretical curves for two different correlation lengths. In this domain of parameters, the susceptibility can be increased by a factor $> 4$. For the broadening parameter $\tau \gtrsim L_c/c_s$, the nonlinear susceptibility is independent of the correlation length and decreases with the medium length

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