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Google SketchUp Pro 2018 V26.4.1457(x86 X64) Download Pc


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FULL Google SketchUp Pro 2018 V26.4.1457(x86 X64) Download Free


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The best experience we re personally seeing is from the Sony. 2017 where we also see Google re-enter the console.


From the logcat you posted in your question, it is evident that the error is occurring at:
Vectors.drawLine(canvas, geometryPoint, geometryPoint2)

and that it is related to the fact that the geometryPoint and geometryPoint2 objects are null.
Why are they null?
You simply haven’t defined them yet, so they are not yet available in your code and the code crashes when it tries to use them.
The Code
I don’t see any problem with the code, but it is a bit unclear what purpose it serves.
As a double check:

The coordinates:
Vector pt = new Vector();
Vector point = new Vector();

have been declared as local variables (and not as class members).
Vector pt = new Vector();
Vector point = new Vector();
Vector pt2 = new Vector();
Vector point2 = new Vector();
Vector pt3 = new Vector();
Vector point3 = new Vector();
Vector pt4 = new Vector();
Vector point4 = new Vector();
Vector pt5 = new Vector();
Vector point5 = new Vector();

are all null.
They should be initialized like
Vector pt = new Vector(0,0);
Vector point = new Vector(0,0);

to avoid bugs like this one.
(The same error may occur when an attempt is made to access them outside of the function, but we have no way to tell without knowing the code.)
In any case, having the variables initialized (as I suggested in the line above) will not make a difference, as the variables are deallocated by GC, and will never be used after they are declared.
Now to the code itself:
First, the createVertexBufferForSegment method is not needed, as the default constructor for VertexBuffer will create a default (empty) buffer with a size of 1.
In any case, it is not needed since the buffer is declared with a size of 5.
Second, the line

may cause a NullPointerException since getByteBuffer is supposed to return the single instance of that ByteBuffer but you are actually requesting a ByteBuffer



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