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HD Online Player (Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Movie I)


Watch Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana online at Free Cinema – FridayBug.com. You can also download the full movie here to watch it offline! This rather old Indian film was released in 2005. It was directed by three directors at once.
If ‘Aaj Ka Sharbat Hai’ is a typical romantic film with elements of melodrama, ‘Bhoothnath Aaj Ka Sharbat Hai’ is almost a comedy, with some hint of drama.
The film is about a young guy named Bhoothnath, who dreams of becoming a famous rock musician and playing rock music.
But these are all dreams, but the reality is this:
Bhutnath finds himself on the street at age 16, after his mother runs away from him to a new husband.
He lives in a park, sleeps in a cardboard box, walks to work 20 kilometers away, and eats what he finds at the dump.
But then one day he comes across a car with a radio, and he gets into it.
Bhutnath listens to rock music on the radio, and he likes it.
He decides he wants to become a rock musician.
But how to do it: no money, no everything, not even a penny in his pocket?
And how do you even do that?
Who do you count on?
– Myself,” I said.
– Yes, only on yourself,” he said.
– What do you think, if I said to them, “It’s all my fault,” would it make any difference?
No, but at least you’d know what you said, and you wouldn’t be accused of hiding the truth from them.
– The truth?
How do you imagine the truth?
That I’m really guilty?
– What else could it be?
– Maybe I could say that I’m not the only one to blame, but that you are?
That you, too, must take responsibility for your mistakes?
– Don’t.
I don’t want to think about them.
Maybe you were right about something, but I need time to think about what happened.
As soon as I get my head together, I’ll let you know.
I may have to make some changes at work in the next few days.
– That’s fine.
But if I hear anything, I’ll call you right away.
– If you want me to come to your place…
– What about your job?
– I’ll take care of it,” he said calmly.
– I can take care of myself,” she answered defiantly.
– But I’m still coming.
He nodded.
– You didn’t freeze.
– I have a fur coat.
And at that moment I was reminded of the words from the song: “I don’t want the snow to be white, white, white…” – I thought and imagined my house, where the snow is falling outside the window, and I want it to be white – like a white grand piano.
– And why a grand piano?
– When I was in Moscow, I learned that in Novosibirsk we have our own White Piano.
And I wanted it to be white.
– There’s no such thing as a white grand piano.
– I just said that.
– Well, what do you want to tell me?
– I’m saying we’d have a white grand piano.
– What’s a white grand piano?
– It’s a piano that’s white on the outside.
– Yeah.
– I want us to have one that’s white.
– Why.
– I want it to be white.
– You know, to have it.
– Oh, to be white.
– Ah, to be white.
– Oh, white.
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