Magicsim V255 Exe 🖳

Magicsim V255 Exe 🖳

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Magicsim V255 Exe

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Magicsim V255 Exe Game
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. This is for the international version i.e. Indian version of the game. The game is pre-cataloged and pre-set, but the art-work is not as it is not finalised yet. (exe-download-archive.

. Set the gateway gateway address, gateway is the Ip of the device where will com version will be install, gateway should be change only if the remote module is set on NAS and the NAS IP address is not reachable from the device where are you setting the remote module.

. You have a admin user and a player user. you set the player user account to co-admin using the remote module. When the remote module is set for co-admin, you need to set the player user to be administrator using the same procedure as set the admin user.

. You have to set the the admin and player user names to: user1 and user2 respectively. First go to remote modules and set the user you wish to use as admin and set as the admin user. Save the admin name.

. Now go to accounts and and set the player user name and the player id in the player account, save the player account

. Set the admin and player user files for both users in the admin and player account respectively. When the player file is set you can start the game.

. The main settings window has an option in the hotseat screen to add files after the installation. To make this happen open the main settings window and click on the hotseat screen and in the bottom right select the file add option.

. Go to the hotseat screen and select the hotseat screen and click on the orange tabs. This will expand the options on the right panel for the hotseat screen. Click on file add.

. Click on “add.exe file(s)” and navigate to where the game is and select it.

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